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Software Defined Radios can provide significant benefits as backend gateways or base stations for sensor networks, which do not face the stringent resource constraints of in-network nodes. We extended GNU Radio with two physical layer implementations of IEEE 802.15.4 and an FSK modulation, and use the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) to interoperate with the Chipcon CC1000 and CC2420 radios found on the popular Mica2, MicaZ and Telos B motes. The wideband nature of the USRP makes it feasible for a single SDR base station to simultaneously communicate on multiple independent channels, and provide network bridging across incompatible radio standards.

Cognitive Radios and Software Defined Radios are part of a bigger class of cognitive systems, where also sensors belong to. In this talk I will briefly talk about possibilities of using GNU Radio not only for SDR systems, but also for data processing in sensor networks where it can act as a signal processing tool box.

The video of a lecture given by Thomas Schmid at NESL is available on Google Video.

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