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Algosensors 2007 CFP

Third International Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks
July 14, 2006, Wroclaw, Poland
To be held in conjunction with ICALP 2007.

Call for papers is available here.

Parking and WSN

City parking can be a big hassle: The meters are always occupied and the garages expensive. And to make matters worse, there may be plenty of empty lots, but garages still have big, red “no parking” signs.

But soon, parking could be as easy as making a phone call. A San Francisco-based company has developed a system that uses wireless sensors, mobile phone technology and GPS to make parking convenient for drivers and cost effective for lot owners.”

The complete story here.

Rice University work in Wireless Sensor Network Arena

From Emerging Technologies for Virtual Instrumentation blog:

I recently had the opportunity to visit with the Rice University team working on wireless sensor networks. I met with Farinaz Koushanfar and others who under the direction of Richard Baraniuk work on wireless sensor network research. They combed through numerous conference papers to research the applications and find out what software API would make for the most efficient implementation of those applications. The first lesson they found is that most applications described in the conference papers were never actually implemented but in most cases were only simulated.

What should the software API accomplish? The first response was to describe a target node set by a set of characteristics such as geography (e.g. all the nodes on Level 2), functionality (e.g. all the temperature reading nodes), condition (e.g. all the nodes that have full memories), etc.

The complete article here.

Contiki Workshop Followup

An update to our previous posts on the contiki workshop’07 – the workshop is over and was a successful event.

Those of you who missed out on this event, the workshop material is available online here

AT&T Launches Suite of Sensor-Based Network Solutions For Business

Building on its unsurpassed global IP network, wireless resources, network integration, consulting and managed service expertise, AT&T Inc. today announced three new sensor-based networking solutions that enable businesses to track a wide array of valuable resources in real time, including:

— AT&T Mobile Resource Management
— AT&T RFID Asset Visibility
— AT&T managed passive RFID solution

The new AT&T services are designed for use by businesses, government agencies and organizations of nearly any size, enabling the real-time tracking and sensor analysis of a wide range of potential assets, including inventory, healthcare assets, product in transit, fleets or field force personnel. The solutions, available today nationwide in the U.S., allow customers to take advantage of the business benefits of sensor-based networking without substantial investments in equipment or in-house expertise.

The complete story here.

Sensors to get the measure of water

A LOW-COST network of remote sensors developed by the CSIRO has been deployed in Queensland, and more will be field-tested in Tasmania and Western Australia in coming months. The sensors, which could become an integral part of the Howard Government’s $10 billion national water plan, are designed to provide wireless environmental monitoring in remote areas.

Powered by solar cells and reprogrammed by radio waves, the CSIRO sensors are designed to reduce irrigation costs and inefficient use of water. In the Queensland project, five sensor measurement nodes and two relay nodes have been installed in the Burdekin Irrigation Area.

More info here.

WSAN 2007: First IFIP International Conference on Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks

The first IFIP International Conference on Wireless Sensor And Actor Networks will be held in Albacete, Spain by September 24-26, 2007
The conference is sponsored by IFIP WG 6.8, and will consist of three days of scientific presentations.
Submission deadline is: April 02, 2007
More details here