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From Sensors Magazine:

In the wake of two recent news announcements, I’d have to say that 2007 looks to be a very interesting year for sensor networking. Arch Rock announced a new wireless sensor networking system that natively runs IP, allowing easier (and direct) access to existing TCP/IP-based networks, and Zensys is pushing a plan to converge its Z-Wave wireless home networking protocol with TCP/IP.

Let’s consider that for a moment: two wireless sensor networking companies are creating systems that can talk to TCP/IP-based networks without having to go through a gateway. Add the fact that Cisco and Rockwell Automation are collaborating on ways to integrate industrial networks with enterprise networks (Cisco and Rockwell Automation Collaborate) and the trends discussed in Ray Peacock’s recent essay about Sensor Gateways to Enterprise Systems and you get a picture of an industry on the move.

Comments on: "Smells Like…Convergence!" (1)

  1. James Hayes said:

    For reference here is the link to Ray Peacocks essay (i think you mean this one?):


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