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MISC May Newsletter

The MISC May newsletter is available for download. In this issue:

– How to install and maintain software on mobile and embedded devices? “Concierge” provides the answer.
– Henri Dubois-Ferrière experienced MICS as a PhD student. Now he works for a US company.
– Ultra-wide band radios have promising features, a good reason for researchers to focus on this technology.
– New publications and agenda.
– Mobile payments? The Marmix community doesn’t have much confidence in its future!

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  1. Dear sir,
    I am new in WSN. In fact, I´ve selected the sensor network field to continue my graduated studies. I am so eager to work and know everything about sensor networks.The last 6 mounths I have studied (Lots of papers) about WSNs. I am fascinated by WSNs and I would like to do a good thesis on it.
    My proposal, right now, is : ” Comparative Analysis between LEACH and DD WSN Routing Protocols by OMNeT++ Simulator or any other Simulator ” . I hope this objective ends to a PHD thesis as “Designing a power efficinet hybrid of cluster-based and Flat protocols. for WSN. ”

    How do u think ?? Pls give me some advisements.


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