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WSU and Harvard, in Collaboration with the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory and NASA JPL have an opening for for a new postdoctoral fellowship position in the area of wireless sensor networks for volcano monitoring.
The colaborations aims to develop platforms that involve real-time data collection of seismic, acoustic, and GPS data from a network of wireless sensors deployed on an active volcano. The project requires a tight integration of computer science and domain science expertise, including novel techniques for data collection, time synchronization, medium access control, multihop networking, and real-time data processing. There are plans to deploy a prototype network at Mount St. Helens, Washington, in the coming year.

This postdoctoral fellowship provides an opportunity to engage with an emerging research area involving wireless sensor networks and volcanology, to work with two university teams as well as researchers at CVO and JPL, gain real-world sensor network deployment experience, and build a strong publication record.

Applicants should hold (or will obtain within six months of application) a Ph.D in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a related field.

More info here

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