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Open-ZB is one year old

One year has elapsed since the release of the Open-ZB web site. During this period, the site witnessed over 18000 visits and over 700 downloads, from worldwide reputed universities, RTD institutions and companies. Within this context, several bi-lateral and multi-lateral collaboration initiatives have been triggered, which we believe will leverage even further the quality, completeness and usage of the Open-ZB open-source toolset.

Recent scientific and technological advancements within the ART-WiSe framework have been demonstrating the feasibility and effectiveness of the IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee protocols as federating communication technologies for Wireless Sensor Networks, particularly for applications with stringent QoS requirements, such in Cyber-Physical Systems. Fortunately, our vision on using standard COTS technologies in large-scale embedded computing applications has been and is being recognized by the academic and industrial communities at large.

Stay tuned for upcoming upgrades of the Open-ZB toolset. Ongoing migration of the Open-ZB protocol stack to TinyOS 2.0 (within the collaboration with the TinyOS Network Protocol Working Group) and to Contiki (within the collaboration with SICS – Swedish Institute for Computer Science) will hopefully see the light soon.

The Open-ZB website is available here.

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