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ZigBeef releases RFID system

ZigBeef has developed a novel long-range radio frequency identification (RFID) system that allows handheld devices to track numerous mobile assets. The system consists of one or more asset tags and a tag reader and can be set up in minutes. The ZigBeef tags are about the size of a pack of chewing gum. The tag reader is presently offered as a USB-stick. PDA and Smartphone interfaces are also available. In minutes, users can set up a working RFID tagging system.

ZigBeef tag systems offer new levels of convenience for asset identification. For example, a rancher using a ZigBeef reader can receive an instantaneous headcount of cattle in a pasture. A rental lot manager can take inventory of tagged vehicles immediately. Oil well site managers can log entry and exit times of vehicles or equipment at their locations.

Unlike most RFID systems, ZigBeef readers are omni-directional with no limitations on reading angle. Typically, no infrastructure change is required to ensure adequate performance of the reader. In addition, readers are small and mobile and do not require aiming or fine-tuning to work properly.

“ZigBeef tags, with their 360 degree, hundreds of feet-read capability introduce a lot of flexibility in identifying our rodeo cattle. In real time, we can identify animals whether in groups or on-the-run in a rodeo arena. We look forward to integrating their tags with our database system and expanding our service market to beef cattle, deer, and other mobile assets,” said Gary Poythress, President of Texas-based Rodeo Computer Services Inc.

Simple Windows™ and Windows Mobile™ software is available from ZigBeef to interact with the tag system. Using this software, tags can be monitored in real time. Tag reporting data can be collected in a spreadsheet readable file. In addition, ZigBeef is currently working toward seamless integration with today’s asset management software systems. For system integrators, the ZigBeef USB-reader forms a virtual COM port when plugged into PCs. Customers can create unique software interfaces as desired.

Motion sensing and temperature monitoring are available as additional features for ZigBeef tags. From rodeo event analysis to factory container identification, real-time wireless motion monitoring offers intriguing possibilities to various applications. In addition, ZigBeef is working with service providers to relay tag data from remote ZigBeef reading boxes over cellular or satellite systems for real time review on web sites.

Demonstration kits consisting of these new ZigBeef tags and the USB stick reader are available.
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