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P Version 6 (IPv6) is making its international debut at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, being deployed throughout Olympic Park in several operational systems.

An IPv6-based video surveillance system is operating at 58 Olympic facilities, including arenas and stadiums across Olympic Park. IPv6-capable sensors, controllers and video cameras provide Olympic officials with the ability to monitor all areas of the Olympic facilities.

The devices use one of IPv6’s best features: stateless auto configuration. Auto-configuration allows new devices, particularly non-traditional devices, to be added to networks quickly and easily with little advance configuration. The IPv6-enabled video cameras used in Beijing automatically configure their IPv6 addresses and other parameters when they’re connected to the network. The cameras are then accessible and controllable through central software programs that automate their configuration.

The cameras connect to the network through standard Ethernet cable or wireless links, which is simpler than traditional closed-circuit cameras that use coaxial connections. The Beijing Olympics Committee has promoted this system to the 2012 Olympic Committee.

More info here

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