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Harvard WSN course blog

mote-obamajpg A blog from the course on WSN given by Prof. Matt Welsh at Harvard is available here. The course website is here.

Wireless Health Institute

Gary and Mary West Foundation today committed $45 million to create the West Wireless Health Institute, one of world’s first medical research organizations dedicated to advancing health and well-being through the use of wireless technologies. Scripps Health has signed on as the founding health care affiliate, with Qualcomm as a founding sponsor.

“The rapid and remarkable progress in wireless sensors – continuously tracking important parameters such as blood sugar, blood pressure, all vital signs, sleep state and even caloric intake and expenditure – has the potential to change medicine in a radical way”.

More info here.

Contiki 2.2.3

Contiki 2.2.3 has been released! This release provides a set of new features, new ports to the Sentilla JCreate and the Meshnetics ZigBit module, a set of new shell commands, as well as several improvements and bugfixes. Checkout the full details here.

Quiz: Who is this?

Who is this man? What is he doing? How is this related to sensornets?

Summer School in Italy

Kay Römer and Friedemann Mattern are directing a summer school in Italy on sensor networks and smart objects. The school is organized by CONET. Registration will be limited to 60 participants and there are 15 grants available for European students. The dates for the summer school are July 26 – August 1, 2009 and it be held at the Bertinoro International Center for Informatics (BiCi), Bertinoro (Forlì-Cesena), Italy. More information is available here.

This is a followup on a very successful WSN summer school in Dagstuhl in 2005. People who attended that school (which includes the author of this post) highly recommend it. The school was exciting, fun, and provides you an environment where you can easily connect with other people working in the area.

Using REST on SunSPOTs

From Web of Things blog:

As smart loggers, we use the Sun SPOT Wireless Sensor network on top of which we have built a full RESTful stack. This includes a tiny Web server on the Spot themselves. This Web server offers the functionality of the SPOTs through a RESTful API, partially based on RESTlet a great Java framework for building REST applications. This concretely means for instance that the light sensor of a Sun SPOT can be accessed by browsing to the following URL: http://…/spot1/sensors/light using the GET HTTP verb.

Now, as you all know pretty much everything lately understands HTTP and can access the Web. Thus, building applications on top of this Sun SPOT Smart logger is rather trivial and pretty much looks like a web mashup.

IP Seeks Dominance in Wireless Sensing Industry


The First Global Interoperability Test for IP-Based Sensor Networking was successfully conducted, as announced by the IPSO alliance last week. Participating vendors included: Arch Rock, Atmel, Cisco, Dust Networks, Gainspan, Jennic, PicosNet, Primex Wireless, Proto6, Sensinode, SICS.  Vendors proved interoperability across the global Internet with participants from Palo Alto, California as well as from numerous countries in Asia, North America and Europe.

Sensors from multiple companies using IP  may communicate employing  differing physical links and without the need for complex gateways and other redundant infrastructure.

More info here