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Within the context of the Karbon footprinting demonstrator and in an effort with Episensor and Tyndall, CLARITY have started monitoring the energy consumption and people activity of several parts of its premises at UCD and DCU.

Data streaming in real time is available online in XML format (data rate is about 1 packet per minute and needs to be refreshed to see updates)
The overall aim of the Karbon Footprinting demonstrator is to provide a opportunity for small to medium scale carbon footprinting. In brief, a wide range of sensor technologies will be used to measure and analyse the energy consumption, activity, and waste management profiles of individuals and groups of individuals in both home and small-office environments.
The Karbon Footprinting Demonstrator will provide a platform collaboration across a number of different groups within the core CLARITY CSET, as well as providing an opportunity for existing and new partners to participate in a substantial development opportunity.

For more info about the Karbon Footprinting, send an email to
For more information click here

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