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Andy Rubin, father of Google’s Android operating system, waxed ecstatic about the future of mobile computing in a blog post Sept. 19.

Noting that there are roughly 3.2 billion mobile gadget subscribers in the world, Rubin said sensors in our phones power clocks, thermometers,  accelerometers and even compasses. Other sensors calculate user location and gauge battery power.

Sensors will be ubiquitous, as Rubin wrote:

Your phone knows a lot about the world around you. If you take that intelligence and combine it in the cloud with that of every other phone, we have an incredible snapshot of what is going on in the world right now. Weather updates can be based on not hundreds of sensors, but hundreds of millions. Traffic reports can be based not on helicopters and road sensors, but on the density, speed, and direction of the phones (and people) stuck in the traffic jams.

Our phones will be smart about our situation and alert us when something needs our attention. While we currently get news alerts or notifications when tickets go on sale, mobile Web apps will monitor our personalized preferences in the Internet cloud and tailor information updates to us.

More info here and here to read the original post.

Comments on: "Google Android Father Says Our Mobile Future Is Steeped in Sensors" (1)

  1. Nothing that we don’t already know, and it’s already being done. Let’s hope Google does not pretend they are the creators of all these.

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