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We would like to announce the release of the SNEE sensor network query compiler/optimizer.  SNEE   (for  Sensor  NEtwork   Engine)  has  been developed at  the University of Manchester. It  supports an expressive continuous, declarative  query  language over  acquisitional  streams, called SNEEql, using a  software architecture that extends traditional distributed query processing techniques.

SNEEql queries are compiled into  query evaluation plans (QEPs) in the form of executable nesC/TinyOS  code. SNEEql QEPs currently target the TOSSIM  simulator   and  the  Avrora   Mica2/MicaZ   instruction-level simulator (TinyOS 1.x  only). We have also run  SNEE-generated QEPs on Tmote Sky motes running TinyOS 2.x, and a further release in which the generated QEPs are fit  for small-scale experiments on such mote-level hardware is planned for the next few months.

The source code  of SNEE has been released under  the New BSD License, and is hosted at:

At  the above  URL,  you can  download  the source,  with some  simple examples. The  quickest way  to get  up and running  is to  follow the ‘getting started guide’ link in the above page.

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