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Body Sensor Networks, wearable electronics and smart tissues are just few of the interesting new technologies which are now facing the market, or that are already commercialized. But, which is the role of the designers willing to approach these new technologies, which are the opportunities and challenges? Generally speaking designers are asked to think about new innovative products and services or novel interaction with objects, therefore the question for a designer is always “what these new technologies will allow me to do? What are them already allowing and to which extent?”

Design with wearable electronics requires competences usually falling outside the usual knowledge area of a designer: not only the body ergonomic, but also biomedical and electronics as well as the psychological aspects impose urgent limits to the design process. These limits must be considered by the designer.
This book is specifically meant for designers and extensively analyzes these problems. Thanks to the contribution of different matter experts the book tries to address the specific areas involved, presenting the biomedical, electronics and psychological states of art, trying to answer to the most important questions. It addresses therefore the essentials elements to understand the wearable systems design. All these information are tied together into a novel specific design methodology, which has been applied, into the second part of the book, to several projects which involved the authors and some students.

More info here.

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