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During the research of the Waspmote sensor platform, several tests were made using different kinds of transceivers according to frequency bands (2.4GHz, 868MHz and 900MHz) and transmission power (1mw, 100mW, 315mW).

The tests performed in the Monegros Desert (Spain) had the purpose of testing the capabilities and limits of the 802.15.4/ZigBee radios integrated in Waspmote. These results were presented at the European Wireless Sensor Network Conference (EWSN2010) last week in Coimbra (Portugal) as a collaboration between the Royal Institute of Technology – KTH, Stockholm (Sweden), the University of Cape Town, Cape Town (South Africa) and Libelium.

Among the 6 different links (356m, 639m, 1239m, 3810m, 6363m,12136m) were chosen Line of Sight (LOS) and Non Line of Sight (NLOS) configurations which were tested always using omnidirectional antennas (2dBi, 5dBi).

Read the complete article here.

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