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Alere Health has announced a partnership between the Alere Women’s & Children’s Health Division (WCH) and UK-based Monica Healthcare Ltd, developers of a wireless, wearable fetal-maternal monitor. Alere WCH says it is the largest U.S. provider of specialized health management services and supported over 225,000 pregnancies in 2009. Monica’s AN24 wireless fetal-maternal monitoring solution opens up a whole new world of passive surveillance, flexible management, and patient comfort during pregnancy.

The new device is much more than a monitor. It will make real time patient data accessible by both Alere nurse care managers and attending physicians. The connectivity and ease of use will make risk assessment, earlier risk identification, and triage for patients with high-risk pregnancy conditions possible for the first time in a wireless, same-time environment. The reporting capabilities with the AN24 include the ability to extract key parameters from fetal heart rate and uterine activity traces, which will trigger immediate contact from an Alere nurse care manager in coordination with physicians or pharmacists as necessary. Importantly, the new technology will make it possible for nurse care managers to electronically send messages with key updates and specific education direct to the patient. These improved communication processes will allow quicker risk identification and enhance the delivery of care.

More info here.

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