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From “Smart Earth” to “Reading China”, the Internet of Things has become a globally eye-catching key word in 2009. It was ranked one of the two important tools for revitalizing the economy by the US, defined as the basic strategy to make the Europe the leader of the world by EU and introduced as a part of the strategical plan of emerging industries by China.

In such a field of Internet of Things that is of strategically significance, China has by now ranked ahead of the world. No matter in terms of policies, technologies or the industrial chain, China’s development of the Internet of Things is provided with an outstanding advantage and has hard-won development opportunities.

Although the Internet of Things is an emerging expression, it is not too high to reach. From the concept was put forward till now, in such a short period of only over a year, China has developed successful applications.

In 2009, 20 important water quality monitoring spots at the area of Tai Hu Lake in Jiangsu province were fully installed with “global eyes”, which can monitor any quality change of Tai Hu water throughout the entire 24 hours of a day and transfer the information to the monitoring platform for environment protection in Jiangsu province at real time, improving the capability and level of monitoring the quality of Tai Hu water.

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Comments on: "China to accelerate development of Internet of Things" (2)

  1. I think, the Internet of Things (IOT) is simply completing the communication triangle, adding assets – those inanimate objects that make up the real world around us, to people (cellular) and computers (internet) networking and communications. In other words, we are adding anything to the common anytime anywhere slogan.
    In my company, Precyse Technologies, I’m associating in building the IoT.
    At Precyse we design and deliver asset network technologies which include Smart Agents, asset attached wireless devices (or “brains”), the infrastructure and middleware software required to connect those assets to the corporate network. The main purpose today is to enable real time supply chain visibility and cost reduction driven ROI but I truly believe that those networks are laying the foundation for a global internet of things.

  2. At IBM, we have recently published a video on The Internet of Things. Thought I’d share:

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