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The senZations summer school has become an annual event on the agenda of young researchers in Europe. Covering a range of novel topics from wireless sensor networks to M2M to Internet of Things and their applications with support of excellent lecturers and senior researchers from academy and industry, the senZations have attracted more than 200 students during the past four events. Internet of Things is regarded as one of the top ten technologies that will impact the future life style and industrial products.

The aim of the summer school is to:

* Present the latest results, trends, activities and applications in the IoT domain
* Identify novel research opportunities, important challenges and research directions
* Demonstrate existing prototypes and demos
* Interact with experienced researchers and establish new contacts
* Have fun and enjoy while acquiring new skills and expertise

The summer school will last for 5 days and will feature a number of different activities:

* Lectures: Each day will feature lectures and discussions around a various research themes like 6loWPAN and IETF activities on COAP, Security in IoT, European activities on IoT and SENSEI framework, M2M services in mobile networks, SENSEI pan-European test bed, WSN Implementation for Intelligent Buildings, Sensor placement and energy optimization in green buildings of the future internet and building mobile applications for interaction with sensors.
Lecturers (TBC) include: Antoine Fraboulet (INSA Lyon), Alex Gluhak (Uni of Surrey), Stephan Haller (SAP), Srdjan Krco (Ericsson), Sotiris Nikoletseas (CTI Patras),  Antonio Ruzelli (UCD), Zach Shelby (Sensinode), Konrad Wrona (NATO C3 Agency).

* Participants Workshop: All participants will have an opportunity to present their own work and involvement in the field.
* Soft skills: working in teams and presentation skills exercises
* Social activities: One day is scheduled for an excursion; a dinner party as well as other interesting social activities will be also organized.

The summer school will take place in Rijeka, Croatia.

Participation is open to all qualified applicants, but the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 40. If we receive more applications, we will select participants based on their work area and background, geographic distribution, and date of registration.

To apply, please fill in the form available at or send an e-mail including name, contact information, research area and background to local organizers.

The registration fee of EUR300  includes participation at all school activities, school material, accommodation in two bed rooms in a student house, breakfasts, lunches, a gala dinner and a social event (excursion to Istria).

Application deadline: July 01, 2010

Program Committee:
Srdjan Krco, Ericsson
Konrad Wrona, NATO C3 Agency

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