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Arch Rock has broadened its IPv6-based PhyNet wireless sensor network (WSN) family with a new server intended for smaller-scale or short-term sensor deployments in commercial facilities and data centers.

The new RSS-2000AT PhyNet Server, based on the Intel Atom processor, supports deployments of up to 100 sensor nodes measuring power usage and environmental conditions. Arch Rock’s existing RSS-2500 PhyNet Server, which uses the Intel Xeon® processor, supports up to 1000 nodes.

PhyNet Servers are part of a tiered IP-based architecture which enables users to create large, resilient WSNs that can be centrally managed as part of the enterprise IP infrastructure. In addition to the server, which lets users set up, manage and diagnose their WSNs, the architecture includes the PhyNet Router, which forms an internetworking backbone between IETF 6LoWPAN (IPv6 Low-Power Wireless Personal-Area Network)-based WSNs and their server-hosted applications; and sensor nodes that measure electric power use and environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, CO2, air pressure and water flow.

More info here.

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