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The new Agriculture Sensor Board for Libelium’s award-winning Waspmote platform enables very precise irrigation and climate control for vineyards and greenhouses by monitoring up to 14 environmental parameters:

  • air temperature
  • air humidity
  • soil temperature
  • soil moisture
  • leaf wetness
  • atmospheric pressure
  • solar radiation
  • trunk/stem/fruit diameter
  • wind speed/direction
  • rainfall

This sophisticated monitoring brings extreme precision to crop growing by enabling irrigation and climate control to be matched to local conditions. The new sensor board is also highly applicable to greenhouses where the creation and control of microclimates is important to the growth of delicate crops such as exotic fruit. For mushroom farming, Waspmote’s Agricultural Sensor and Gas Sensor boards can be used together to measure and control soil moisture and temperature, CO2 level and air temperature.
More info here.

Comments on: "New Waspmote Sensor Board enables extreme precision agriculture in vineyards and greenhouses" (2)

  1. We intend to use the commercial versions for research and application in Saudi Arabia and in india. Please keep me posted of the developments and availability along with contact details.

  2. Naveen Kumar B L said:

    We need the Waspmote for agricultural research purpose in India, can you guide us to buy some samples.


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