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The DASH7 Alliance, a non-profit industry consortium that promotes the use of the ISO 18000-7 standard for wireless sensor networking, today announced the release of the DASH7 Certification Suite, a set of test tools to assist developers building DASH7 hardware products.

The suite includes conformance and interoperability scripts for devices built to the ISO 18000-7 (DASH7) standard that will help ensure interoperability regardless of vendor. Use of the DASH7 Certification Suite is required to complete official DASH7 Certification testing (launching this fall) and also to use the DASH7 Certified trademark. The DASH7 Certification Suite is available free of charge to all DASH7 members.

“The DASH7 Certification Suite builds on the conformance and interoperability processes established for passive RFID,” said Ted Osinski, Director of RFID Programs at MET Laboratories. “Similar to our experience with UHF passive RFID, the importance of a DASH7 test suite cannot be overstated as we now know that ‘self certification’ results in many fatal errors and end users must insist on DASH7 Certification to protect their DASH7 investment.”

More info here.

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