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The IEEE/ACM Second International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS) will be held in conjunction with CPS Week, on April 11-14, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The conference is sponsored by the IEEE Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems (TCRTS) ACM Special Interest Group on Embedded Systems (SIGBED).

Cyber-physical systems are systems with a tight coupling of the cyber aspects of computing and communications with the physical aspects of dynamics and engineering that must abide by the laws of physics.  The objective of this conference is to be a primary forum for reporting state-of-the-art advances and innovations in theoretical principles, tools, applications, systems infrastructure, and testbeds for cyber-physical systems.

Contributions should emphasize the cross-cutting, system-wide themes. Sectors of applicability include, but not be limited to, transportation  (automotive, aerospace, marine, rail), SCADA systems (electricity generation including smart grids and the like, other utilities), smart physical infrastructure (smart bridges, buildings and highways), energy efficiency (energy-aware buildings), environmental monitoring, defense systems, intelligent medical devices, tele-operations and robotics.

Submissions must be a maximum of 10 pages, in 2-column format, and use font sizes of no less than 10 pt.  Instructions for submission can be found at the conference site.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:
– Theoretical foundations of CPS
– Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis Techniques
– Architectures for Cyber-Physical Systems
– Building blocks for Cyber-Physical Systems
– Systems Abstractions, Services and OS Support
– Evaluation approaches and metrics
– Novel CPS applications
– Detailed Case Studies

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline:        November 7, 2010
Acceptance Decisions:       January 5, 2010
Final Manuscript:           January 28, 2011

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