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Monnit Corporation introduces a low cost wireless temperature sensor along with nine other types of wireless sensors. The sensors currently use a USB receiver at the computer level to transmit all of the sensor data to your choice of either the MonnitSphere Online Monitoring Service or the MonnitSphere Local PC computer application. The sensor data is then checked against user defined thresholds to determine if a notification should be sent to the user via email or SMS text message.

  • The sensors operate at 900MHz (25 Channels) and provide a reliable operating range of approximately 1000 feet depending on the environment.
  • Powered by a Lithium Ion 3V battery the sensors have a lifespan of approximately 4 years when set to a heartbeat of 2 hours. (The sensors hold user defined threshold values and can be set to check against those value as often as desired, and will bypass heartbeat settings to communicate if and when thresholds have been met or exceeded.)
  • The sensors have a small footprint (1 in. by 1 in.) and are ideal for embedded applications.
  • The wireless temperature sensor is accurate to +/- 0.5°C (1°F) with an operating range of -40°C to +125°C.

Monnit Corporation provides both OEM and finished products along with the software for customizing the sensor parameters and storing the sensor data. Typical deployments include Hotel Management, Building Operations, Facilities Maintenance, HVAC Monitoring, Food Services and Property Management.

More info here.

Comments on: "Monnit Introduces Web Enabled Temperature Sensors with Text and Email Notification." (4)

  1. If you find the technology interesting and can see the business potential then take a quick minute to view my site
    I supply complete engineering packages that will enable you to produce a much higher performing product, based on 2.4GHz

  2. Having purchased one of Monnits kits a few months ago, cant say enough about their products/sensors. The 900 mhz certainly provides great range in non-rf friendly environments,software is cake to work with and system is extremely reliable.

  3. Jim Dandy said:

    We are just installing the Monnet wireless ID sensors. In the past We tried the SmartKii wireless security system and found it to be unreliable, interference from other wireless devices rendered it useless. Will keep you posted on the Monnet devices

  4. Jim Dandy LIAR your not now nor have you ever been one of my customers is this what you need to do in order to launch your Monnit CRAP!!!

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