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The open-ZB website provides open source tools for IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee, the most widespread technologies for Wireless Sensor Networks. Notably, it has reached over 100 000 visits and 6000 downloads of the toolset from around the world. This represents 4-5 downloads in average per day, almost 4 years after the first release (November 2006).

Since early 2009, the open-ZB research team has triggered the creation of the TinyOS 15.4 and ZigBee Working Groups. The aim is to provide 15.4 and ZigBee implementations that build on top of the WSN research community efforts and empower users to learn, modify and reuse the code at free will.Further improvements include QoS add-ons, traffic differentiation and communication reliability among others. The work have been mainly supported by the CONET Network of Excellence, within the COTS4QoS research cluster.

For more details please refer here

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