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Toumaz, the leading provider of ultra-low power wireless telemetry technologies for medical monitoring and internet-connected consumer devices, today announces that Sensium™-enabled devices are being used to monitor the health status of a team of explorers and scientists involved in a record-breaking expedition across the Antarctic. On Thursday 9th December 2010, the 10-man expedition team carried out the fastest ever vehicle crossing of the continent – the driest and coldest place on Earth – and aims to be the first vehicle-based team ever to complete the return journey.

The explorers are equipped with wearable Sensium-based devices that are wirelessly and continuously monitoring the physical effect on the body of the inhospitable minus 40 degree temperatures. Based on Toumaz’s Sensium technology, these small sized, unobtrusive devices provide ultra-low power, continuous wireless monitoring and can be worn on the chest with complete freedom of movement. The devices are being used to capture and locally process key vital signs information from the team, including ECG, heart rate, physical activity and other markers of stress. The data is being transmitted in real-time to computers in the SSVs and data sets have been sent via satellite phone to researchers back at Imperial College London for further analysis, providing a unique insight into the physiological impact of life in the harshest environment on the planet. Ray Thompson, Senior Research Associate at the Winston Wong Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology at Imperial College London, confirmed that the devices are functioning well in the extreme conditions, and gave his experience of the trip so far: “Nothing can adequately prepare you for Antarctica. It’s the coldest, windiest, driest place on Earth, and this year the conditions have been the worst for eighteen years. Temperatures have averaged minus 35 degrees since we began the crossing but add the wind-chill which is well into the minus 40s.”

More info here.

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