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Last December the EMMON Consortium unveiled the largest wireless sensor network in Europe, demonstrating a functional prototype with no less than 303 tiny sensors in a single room, gathering detailed, real time information on temperature, humidity and ambient light.

“This functional prototype demonstrates the integration of a number of core components, from embedded wireless sensors all the way through to the control station. The prototype, which is the largest single location wireless sensor network in Europe, was integrated and demonstrated at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP), in the CISTER research unit, one of the main scientific partners of the project”, said Délio Almeida, the Project Coordinator from Critical Software.

The EMMON technology has very wide potential, including the ability in the near future to monitor not only the ambient conditions in the vicinity of buildings, bridges and tunnels, but also their very structures. Early warning of their degradation has obvious implications for the avoidance of disasters.

One major advantage of EMMON over existing technologies, such as they are, is that it doesn’t require expensive modifications to the structures being monitored, nor the installation of cabling. It is naturally much cheaper and quicker to upgrade such systems in the future.

More info here.

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