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ThingsSpeak is an open application platform designed to enable meaningful connections between things and people.

Features include:

  • Open Source API
  • Real-time data collection
  • Data processing
  • Data visualizations
  • Location-awareness
  • Status context
  • Application infrastructure
  • Twitter proxy
  • Apps
  • Plugins

More info here.

Comments on: "ThingSpeak" (2)

  1. I’ll be very interested to keep an eye on what kinds of web apps grow up using this API. I’m a little bemused by the notion of “a social network of things,” as they say on their site. Dare I suggest that *things* are incapable of socializing?

  2. Very cool api. Our things socializing is merely an outgrowth of our anthropomorphizing, isn’t it? Love it.

    I know my cars run better when I like them and keep them clean – and serviced. Will communicating with things reveal our idiosyncrasies or increase our compassion? Dunno, might just increase our mumbling to ourselves!

    “Well the light said you were ungrateful… and the chair is tired of your stinky butt!”

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