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BIYUN community residents will be the first group to benefit from a community-based intelligent device allowing users to get traffic reports, make restaurant reservations or even book an ayi.

One-hundred families – 50 expatriates and 50 Chinese – living in the Pudong New Area community will be offered the device, similar to a tablet computer, for free at the end of next month in a pilot program to build an “intelligent” community.

“The device gives easier access to government and community services based on the Internet of Things technology,” said Shi Yi, an official with the community.

Residents can learn of community notices and activities, weather forecasts and traffic information via the device.

They will also be able to pay bills, compare discounts at nearby supermarkets and make restaurant reservations or doctor appointments as more partners join in future.

The intelligent device will make life more convenient for residents, Shi said.

The device is also capable of calling the police and ambulance, when sensors installed in the kitchen and other rooms detect a gas leak or smoke. However, these functions still require the cooperation of government departments and are not yet available, according to the community official.

The device can be installed on a wall, but is also portable.

Long-term plans for the “intelligent” Biyun community also include a “safe intelligent campus.”

Parents will receive a text message when their child arrives at or leaves school. They will also be notified of which teacher received their child and who picked up their kid after school with intelligent student and teacher cards.

Biyun community in Pudong’s Jinqiao area is an upscale community popular among expatriate families. It includes 14 neighborhoods and more than 13,000 residents, most of whom are foreigners who have stayed in Shanghai for over six months.

More info here.

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