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Leading radio frequency identification (RFID) software and asset management solutions provider epcSolutions, Inc., announces the world’s largest successful “Internet of Things” (IOT) implementation in partnership with iGPS Company, operator of the world’s first pallet rental service, providing all-plastic pallets with embedded RFID tags.

The Internet of Things was conceived by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Auto-ID center. In the IOT vision, everyday objects are networked with one another through RFID sensor networks, providing real-time visibility and allowing “intelligent” interaction between them. The Internet of Things is predicted to be the next generation of Internet where billions of items communicate with each other, as well as to people.

“The Internet of Things is no longer merely a vision of futuristic fantasy idealized in academia and unattainable by the masses. The future is here and the future is now. As the marketplace embraces RFID, whether motivated by efficiency or competition, RFID hardware manufacturers can leverage greater economies of scale, allowing hardware prices to drop,” said David Russell, Vice President of Operations at epcSolutions.

More info here.

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