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Libelium announces the launch of OTA, a solution that lays the foundation for Over the Air Programming (OTAP) for wireless sensor networks and the Internet of Things over 802.15.4 and ZigBee.

OTA Benefits:

  • Enables the upgrade or change of firmware versions without physical access
  • Allows to recover any sensor node which gets stuck
  • Let discover nodes in the area just sending a broadcast discovery query
  • Enables to upgrade an entire network in just a couple of minutes
  • No interferences are caused: OTA is performed using a change of channel between the programmer and the desired node

Read more about Libelium OTA.

Comments on: "Over the Air Programming with 802.15.4 and ZigBee" (5)

  1. “So far, such capabilities have not been available to wireless sensor networks or to the Internet of Things. (…)”

    OS’s like SOS (UCLA) used OTAP a long, long time ago…but it’s nice, though.

  2. […] more: Wireless Sensor Networks » Blog Archive » Over the Air Programming … Categories: Programming 0 Comments Tags: and-the, announces-the, change-, for-wireless, […]

  3. You have been duped by a press release. OTA for ZigBee is part of the SE 1.1 standard.
    There are reference implementations in the Ember stack.
    There are any number of proprietary OTA schemes by other ZigBee vendors.

    Plus, the size of a image even for a small micro, plus the limited packet size for a 802.15.4 network, makes me doubt the claim of “Enables to upgrade an entire network in just a couple of minutes”.

    This is not news.

  4. ricardo said:

    Sorry to tell…
    but there is nothing new here! Nothing.
    this is veeery old! older than my grandma!

    Just have a look at ember, freescale, telosb and other technologies.

  5. Dear Andoni,

    I will explain the main differences between the Libelium OTA and other vendor OTA solutions.

    1º- Libelium OTA is related to the microcontroller firmware. Most current OTA applications just allow to reprogram the firmware of the radio transceiver. We are talking about sending the whole Flash program (128KB).

    2º- Waspmote can save and manage hundreds of different binaries using the 2GB SD Card, current OTA applications allow to manage just 1 or a couple of images as maximum.

    3º- The frequency channel used to send the binary is changed so the rest of the nodes do not suffer any kind of interferences.

    4º- Security: encryption in the link layer (AES 128) and authentication in the application layer. Each node can have a
    different access key.

    5º- The Libelium OTA-Shell is an application java based and command oriented which makes possible to be controlled from any kind of web system (you can control the OTA application from your own framework easily).

    6º- Multicast and Broadcast modes allow to reprogram the whole network (hundreds of nodes) sending the program just once. The process just take a couple of minutes.



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