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Try to imagine a world where everything is interconnected. A world where you can modify your own reality to see what you want to see, where your coffee machine knows when you need your next fix, and the high streets are populated with characters from your favourite PC games.

This future is not some distant dream as imagined by fans of Minority Report. Much of this technology is already here, and the current rate of development has futurists claiming that this will be a reality within the next five to ten years.

According to a recent report by Amdocs, experts are predicting that there will be seven trillion networked devices by 2017, delivering a connected life that has immediate access to data, media, communities and communications across a broad range of devices.

We have been promised this interconnected world since the 1980s, but limitations such as costs and the size and capabilities of chips and infrastructure, have kept many innovations on hold.

However, 4G and IPv6 now offer vast superhighways of space and speed, delivering what’s needed for machine to machine (M2M) communication to take place on a grand scale. Add to this the fact that Moore’s Law remains a constant, chips have become both smaller and more affordable, and that technology is developing at an unprecedented rate, and you have all the ingredients necessary for an explosion in M2M implementations across the globe.

Communication service providers are moving towards Tera-play, evolving to accommodate a complex ecosystem that’s fast and intelligent, and constantly changing to meet market demand and innovation. Tera-play providers will do more than just connect billions of people to one another – they will be a part of M2M, ensuring that communications between trillions of devices is seamless and organic.

More info here.

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