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Zigduinos for Sale

The Zigduino is a pin and code compatible OSHW Arduino variant based around the ATmega128RFA1. This gives it a number of useful features above and beyond a stock Arduino:

Built-in 802.15.4 transceiver
Hardware AES-256 encryption module
128K of flash
16K of RAM
In order to improve the Zigduino’s durability for field sensor applicaions and provide full shield compatibility, all pins are protected by diodes and series resistors capable of absorbing spikes of ±30V. It can handle an input voltage range of 6V-30V with power supply spikes to -20V and +60V.

The Zigduino ships as a kit. Each kit includes:

– A bare Zigduino board
– Female headers for the standard Arduino pinout as well as the separate I2C and SPI connectors.
– One male 2×3 pin header for the programming port
– A 2.1mm DC barrel jack for power
– A card-edge RPSMA RF connector
– A 2dBi antenna.

The Zigduino is now on sale for $69.99! It is shipping worldwide and available for retail purchase at Metrix: Create Space. It will shortly be available from Seeedstudio and

More info here.

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