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The D3S group at the University of Trento, Italy, invites applications for a post-doctoral researcher position in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). D3S is a cross-institution research group focusing on dynamic, decentralised, distributed systems. In the context of WSNs, the D3S group has been successful in bringing research results into real-world, long-term, operational deployments. Examples are the structural health monitoring of a medieval tower, and the closed-loop control of lighting in a road tunnel, which both received a Best Paper Award at IPSN (2009 and 2011).

We are seeking a candidate to conduct research on novel directions for WSNs, geared towards simplifying their development and maximising their adoption in real-world contexts. The issues involved go all across the board including programming platforms, communication protocols, and tools supporting in-field deployment. The candidate will have the opportunity to work on curiosity-driven and application-driven projects, as well as initiate new ones.

The position is partially tied to the makeSense EU project, whose goal is to simplify the programming of WSNs, and increase their impact through integration with business processes. The candidate is expected to contribute to the design and implementation of programming abstractions and the protocols supporting their efficient distributed execution in the WSN.

The Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science is a leading and fast-growing research institution, characterised by a young and international faculty and by a large, international student population. Indicators for scientific production place the department among the top in Europe. Trento is a vibrant city with a beautifully preserved historic center, consistently ranked at the top for quality of life in Italy. It offers a variety of cultural and sports opportunities all year around, as well as excellent food and wine.

The deadline for applications is August 31, 2011. Applications should be sent via e-mail (subject: “D3S postdoc application”) to gianpietro.picco[AT_sign]

More information available here

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