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LogMeIn Acquires Pachube

LogMeIn, Inc. , a leading provider of cloud-based connectivity solutions, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of the Pachube service ( and substantially all other assets of Connected Environments Ltd.  Pachube (pronounced “Patch Bay”) is a web-based service for connecting people and devices to the Internet of Things — a network of sensor-enabled devices publishing and sharing data that some predict will exceed 50 billion devices worldwide by the next decade1.  This acquisition furthers LogMeIn’s investment in highly scalable connectivity and data sharing platforms, and extends its reach beyond computers, smartphones and tablets to potentially all Internet-connectable devices.

“We believe the volume of devices coming online and the amount of data they will generate will dwarf the Internet as we know it today,” said Michael Simon, CEO of LogMeIn. “This investment extends our Gravity platform for scalable, secure connectivity and storage into the universe of smart and embedded devices and the complex systems that the Internet of Things makes possible. The Pachube team has a deep understanding of the technical challenges and opportunities that this phenomenon represents, and we believe they’ve built a service that will change the way people interact with their devices, their environment and each other.”

Pachube is an Internet of Things pioneer.  Their service, launched in 2008, offers real-time monitoring and management of any type of connected device. Pachube makes it easy for people to connect their devices and sensors to its service, to publish data, and to receive data and instructions from other devices. The Pachube service also collects and stores the published datastreams for further analysis and visualization. Using the Pachube service, individuals, developers and businesses can create applications, services and products that leverage the data created by these connected devices. In doing so, Pachube empowers people to share, collaborate and make use of the information generated by the world around them.  Currently, Pachube users send more than seven million datapoints to the service each day.

More info here and on Pachube’s blog.

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