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The First EEE EMBS Unconference on Wearable & Ubiquitous Technology for Health & Wellness will be held on Tuesday, August 30, 2011, collocated with 33rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC ’11). The purpose of the day is to bring together all those who care about addressing key challenges in the translation of technology from the lab to the field around wearable and ubiquitous technology for health and wellness.

The UNconference means that the agenda/schedule for the day will be created live the day of the event. The real time nature means that emerging developments can be discussed and new ideas and unfolding research can be explored.

The unconference will also host a Wearable Technology Demo Competition. This session will be organized using the speed geeking format. Attendees will be divided in groups. Each group will have about 5 minutes to examine each demonstration and discuss with the authors. Your presentation should first highlight (similar to an elevator pitch) the need and impact of your technology (~2min), followed by a demonstration (~3min).

This is an intense presentation format. There are 10-15 demo’s happening at once all around the edge of the room. Each is being watched by a small group for 5 min. Then they move to the next project. Each demonstrator of a project presents 10 times in a row each time to a different small group. This format has a few advantages both for the viewers and presenters. Viewers get a more intimate demo, seeing the application or device up close instead of just up on a large screen and ask questions of the presenters during or at the conclusion of their demo. Presenters get to practice and improve their pitch over the hour of speed geeking.

Important Dates

Demo abstracts due: August 5th 2011
Acceptance notification: August 12th 2011

More info here


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