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Econais Inc. – a leader in development of wireless modules, today announced their new line of ultra low power, TCP/IP and application ready Wi-Fi modules, under the family name WiSmart-32. All the parts of the family have the same small size 20mm x 27mm and come with on board antenna while they integrate power and clock management units. They can be directly supplied from battery and they provide analog and digital interfaces to connect with almost any industry standard interface.

With the incorporation of an embedded processor, ample application memory space is left for the developer due to the low footprint of the eConais TCP/IP stack. The developers can configure their applications rather than develop them using the eConais Application Program Interface (API) Library. As Mr. Costas Kontogiannis, General Manager and VP of Operation said: “WiSmart-32 requires only 20 lines of code to create an application that connects the device over standard Wi-Fi network infrastructure with an Internet or local server. By supporting digital communication ports like I2S, SPI, I2C, UART and programmable GPIOs as well as ADCs and DACs, a wide range of application varying from telemetry, medical electronic systems, POS equipment, smart grid and metering equipment, M2M communications, remote configuration and stereo audio streaming over wireless can be supported

The WiSmart-32 modules are FCC-certified and support WPA/WPA2, 802.11b/g ad-hoc and infrastructure mode. Wi-Fi certification is also supported by eConais for the end customers. The WiSmart-32 family variants are pin compatible and offer variable memory space for application development starting from 30Kbytes up to 256Kbytes and SRAM up to 64Kbytes.

The Development Kit for WiSmart-32 modules includes full software support based on a well-defined and fully documented Application Program Interface (API) library, allowing the user to configure their application using free development tools. The kit contains a free IDE, code examples, application notes, ‘Libwismart’ eConais library, and source code for all the communication ports. The proprietary eConais software stack ‘Libwismart’ is a highly efficient software implementation that integrates into a tiny footprint the Wi-Fi Connection Manager, the TCP-IP, FTP, HTTP, DHCP, system calls and the transport layer for the communication with the Wi-Fi Physical Layer.

More info here.

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