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From Pachube’s blog:

Last month, we made Pachube free for all our users, removing a significant barrier to entry for people and devices to get onto our platform. As another step in that direction, we are today releasing OnBoard, our first turn-key solution aimed directly at device makers of all sizes. With OnBoard, we’re making it quick, cheap and easy to offer connected services with internet-enabled hardware.

OnBoard includes:
1. Device bulk-registrationManufacturers can provision devices onto Pachube and specify
data profiles.
2. End-user account integrationDevice owners can now claim their devices and their data directly on Pachube.
3. Dashboards: Once devices are claimed, device owners view dashboards hosted within their accounts.
Pachube’s OnBoard service is a pathway onto the open, people-centric Internet of Things for devices and data – that have in the past have been tied to specific services and software. By breaking open the traditional data-silo/walled-garden approach to building connected services, data can be re-used across many different applications. This increases the value of the data to both its owner and the device manufacturer, while also creating a way for third-parties to develop compatible products on a common framework.
More info here.

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