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Qualcomm has launched an 802.11n single-stream Wi-Fi system-in-package for machine-to-machine communications, including within smart homes.

Called AR4100P, it includes an integrated IPv4/IPv6 TCP/IP stack and is based on devices the firm acquired when it took over Atheros.

The IC features in Qualcomm’s SP137 development kit and reference design for low-power sensors which includes Energy Micro’s low-energy Cortex-M3 microcontroller running the Micrium µC/OS-III operating system.

“With a well of additional onboard sensors, the Wi-Fi kit supports deep sleep modes of only 2uA, enabling operation off AA batteries,” said Qualcomm. “It includes expansion for additional sensors and can be ported to other microcontrollers or operating systems. The design flow for is centred on Embedded Workbench from IAR Systems.”

More info here.

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