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Social Networks for People and Things (SoNePT): The on-going connection of appliances, the increasing adoption of smartphones, and emerging instrumentation of items with QR-codes and RFID provide the basis for a comprehensive layer of connectedness to objects, Products, things and people. People are becoming part of digital social networks driven by personal interests and aspiration. The feeling of belonging to a community and the perpetual drive of getting connected from real life finds it continuation in digital networks.

Both the digital integration of things and people starts to embrace our daily lives and enables for new interaction, new experiences and new behaviors. We can remotely query and control appliances of a smart home, we can participate in the experiences and opinions of our friends about product while shopping, and we can share our activities, our preferences instantly
anytime anywhere.

It is the goal of this workshop to investigate how digital social networks and physical things can play together. We want to get inspiration from novel scenarios and applications showing digital relationships between people and Things may embrace and improve our lives. We want to speculate on new interactions, resulting experiences and emergent behaviors. And we want to discuss social and practical implications once things and people become part of a growing living network. Finally, we want to elicit how established notions thing-people relationships may be challenged, e.g. will the ownership of things we be replaced by temporal ownership of using things.

Submissin Deadline: June 17, 2012
co-located with Mensch und Computer in Konstanz

More info here.

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