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From Zolertia:

We have been awfully quiet but we are pleased that the reason behind this were projects and challenges keeping us busy since early 2012, so after a ton load of work followed by well deserved vacations we can finally give you some updates about what’s going on and our latest additions to the Zolertia’s ecosystem, kicking it with a 5% off all our packs.

We are re-launching some of our well known packs, such as the Discovery Pack Silver AAA (3xZ1) and theProfessional Pack Bronze (10xZ1),
offering a juicy 5% off discount, and introducing our new top-sellers Pack Lithium and Titanium, at a discounted price too, featuring:

Professional Pack Titanium:

This pack was conceived by request of our clients, demanding a complete solution to immerse themselves into development and production in a faster and easier way, using a complete set of sensors and actuators ready to work outside-the-box, development tools fitted to ease on-field testing such as the Starter platform, and the recently updated Gateway to interconnect your Wireless Sensor Network projects to other networks such as Internet.

Professional Pack Lithium:

Our experience in real-world deployments allowed us to design this new pack, allowing researchers, developers and integrators more flexibility regarding on how to provide power to their projects, for example using solar panels, reducing the overhead of replacing batteries and having to mobilize to the deployment site to replace those.

The battery charger and the battery itself are fully integrated into the enclosure, suitable for testbeds, demonstrators and ready-to-deploy projects without having to worry about component placement.

A led charging indicator on the enclosure allows to inspect the status of the battery (charging, discharging, charged) more readily.

Visit our online shop for more products and information, for specific information and requirements please write to

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  1. Wow, that’s what I was looking for, what a stuff! existing here at this web site, thanks admin of this web site.

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