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EVE alpha in 50 words!

  • Open hardware add-on for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Offers the opportunity to talk to many different wireless things.
  • This stage is to deliver development hardware.
  • We need funds to accelerate development of freely downloadable software.
  • EVE is something YOU own not a service you rent. Faster, more secure and more reliable.

Project EVE – a background to our idea

We want you to join our mission to try and connect everything you own or may own in the future – regardless of who made them in the first place. This short (21 day) Kickstarter project is to rapidly fund an early production (Alpha) version of our EVE board, get it out to passionate people so we can accelerate software development. Unlike some projects, this will (we promise hand on heart) begin to ship (if funded) this month.

At her heart, EVE is a communicator (between devices), a facilitator (helping you interact with her) and a guardian (a gateway to allow you to see what is going on in your world). EVE is fundamentally about youyour things, yourinteractions and your data (and sharing that data, of course, only if you want to).

It’s probably a surprise to most that many of the pieces to make EVE happen already exist today, bringing them together is the next challenge. Later down you’ll find links to a few inspirational ideas. These when “melded” together onto a single box, gives you a taste of just how EVE could be integrated into our lives. We see no reason why (for example) from anywhere in our house’s (or indeed almost anywhere in the world) we can’t simply talk to her……(We like to think it’s like Siri or S Voice on steroids)

More info here.


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