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Weightless, the global organisation  delivering the royalty-free open standard to enable the Internet of Things, today announced the release of version 0.9 of its innovative M2M Specification. Weightless enables M2M systems featuring a chipset cost of less than USD$2, a range of up to 10km and a battery life of 10 years.

The announcement follows the recent announcement of growing support and momentum for the standard with the appointment of ARM, Cable and Wireless Worldwide, CSR and Neul to the Board and Promoter Group.

Weightless is the Special Interest Group (SIG) and the name of the wireless wide area global standard for machine to machine short to mid-range communications.

With the release of version 0.9 the Weightless Specification moves within a single step of a final, stable v1.0 release due towards the end of Q1 2013. Version 0.9 is now complete with significant additions made to the MAC, Security and Applications sections. On the MAC, significant detail has been added to areas such as handling of alarm events, initial network selection and the entire set of channels has been re-grouped and re-named in a more logical and consistent way. On security all aspects of encryption have been detailed and the setting of Master and Subsidiary keys  has been fully defined along with details of their storage and transport. On applications a complete protocol for application to MAC interfacing has been produced and linked carefully into MAC features and requirements. The specification is now over 300 pages long and provides all the detail needed for developers to fully understand and model it.

More info here.


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