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Innovative greentech startup tado° today launched their Internet-connected tado° home thermostat. tado° connects the heating system with a smartphone app to combine instant comfort with energy savings by adjusting indoor climate to weather forecasts, user behavior, and individual building characteristics. The tado° system uses Thingsquare Mist to connect the tado° thermostats to the Internet.

Unlike traditional thermostats, tado° does not have knobs, buttons, or even a display. Instead, tado° uses a smartphone app to control the indoor comfort, allowing tado° to save energy by turning down the heating or AC when the last person has left the house – without anyone having to lift a finger. Being Internet-connected, tado° thermostats use a range of energy-saving features that keeps on improving as the number of tado° installations increase. In a pilot study, tado° users have already saved up to 30% on their heating bills.

“The tado° system leads the way for a new generation of Internet-connected consumer products, often called the Internet of Things”, said Thingsquare co-founder Adam Dunkels. “tado° is a striking example of how innovative products can make effective use of emerging Internet of Things technology.”

“By choosing Thingsquare Mist, we were able to develop an Internet-connected product in a surprisingly short amount of time”, said tado° co-founder and CTO Johannes Schwarz. “Internet-connectivity is at the heart of our product and our customers value hassle-free installation, something that Thingsquare Mist helped us bring to our system.”

The tado° system is available immediately via, with an introductory price of 99 EUR per year.

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