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From Ericsson’s labs blog:

At ETSI’s 3rd workshop on Machine to Machine (M2M) communications held in Mandelieu France, we presented how different devices can be wrapped and exposed as proper IoT devices, including a live demo.

The Headache

For any IoT deployment, sensor and actuator devices are fundamental. Embedded technologies have been around for years, but the technologies used are very diverse. Interfaces, networking, and application layer protocols exist in many shapes and forms. This technology fragmentation is a fact, as presented in a previous blog post. For any deployment to grow into a true Internet of Things, this technology fragmentation must be overcome.

There are two possible paths: either standardization of new, universally acceptable protocols, or interworking and integration of these heterogeneous device technologies. One can, of course, discuss the feasibility of each of these two different paths. This time, we would like to let you know how we have explored the latter path, namely IoT device integration via IoT Gateways. We will come back to the former path in a later blog post…

Figure: Gateways in an IoT system context

Gateways are traditionally thought to bridge two different technologies on the interface level, e.g. to bridge an IEEE 802.15.4 based wireless sensor network to a wide area networking technology like cellular. Gateways can also be used to integrate a larger set of heterogeneous interfaces on one side to a uniform interface on the other side (see figure above). A lot of focus has been put on bridging legacy device networks onto the Internet, i.e. ensuring that IP can be used as the common networking protocol throughout. This is, of course, very good and definitely a step in the right direction towards an Internet of Things, but it doesn’t have to stop there.

Read the whole post here.

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