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According to research carried out by Keypoint Consultancy on behalf of  Winterswijk town council in the Netherlands, the search for a parking space in the town has reduced significantly as parking spaces are better utilised since a new parking guidance system was introduced earlier this year.

Research carried out in 2008 by Keypoint indicated that the town was affected by the increasing parking pressure and reduced accessibility at peak times, causing considerable inconvenience to residential areas and reducing the residents’ quality of life.

As a result, Winterswijk town council developed a new approach to parking in the town centre.

Parking bays in three car parks were fitted with Sensit wireless parking sensors supplied by Dutch technology company Nedap, with the aim of alleviating parking pressure at peak times and to improve accessibility to the city. The study concluded that the parking sensors, combined with the new parking guidance system, have had a clearly beneficial impact on reducing search traffic in Winterswijk.

Nedap’s Sensit is a network of wireless parking sensors that detect the occupancy of each parking space. The system provides real-time parking space information, which can be used to guide traffic to available parking spaces, improving traffic flow, reducing emissions and improving traffic flow and car park usage.

More info here.

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  1. Wireless Networks are very useful for Traffic Reduction.

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