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The Weightless SIG announced the publication of version 1.0 of the new Weightless-N open standard based on a low power wide area star network architecture. Operating in sub-GHz spectrum using ultra narrow band (UNB) technology, Weightless-N offers best in class signal propagation characteristics leading to excellent range of several kilometres even in challenging urban environments. Very low power consumption provides for exceptionally long battery life measured in years from small conventional cells and leading edge innovation in design minimises both terminal hardware and network costs.

Central to the Weightless proposition is its status as an open standard. Weightless is differentiated from all alternative proprietary LPWAN technologies by uniquely enabling a competitive, free and fair market that does not lock developers into using particular vendors or network service providers.

Details of hardware supporting Weightless-N as well as SDKs will be made available on the Weightless website shortly.

More information available here

Comments on: "Weightless-N Open Standard Released" (2)

  1. nzsnowman said:

    Great, but yet again no commercial HW backers of any notoriety, or any way to buy modules or a basestation to test with. The spec may be great, but I’m sorry, SIGFOX and LoRa have chips and modules that anyone can buy. try, and commercialise long before Weightless even looks close to achieving the same market presence. What is Weightless getting wrong here?

  2. claronoda said:

    related thread regarding hardware among other aspects:

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