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  1. hongyu liu said:

    Hello, I like this blog very much. And I can find a lot of useful infomation on this website. Recently, I notice that I can follow this blog via email. But when I submit my email address, it doesn’t work. Can you be so kind to add my email to the subsrcibe mail list? In addition, my computer can detect a virus as soon as I open this website. Maybe the server has attacked.

    Best wishes~

  2. Dear Marco and WSNBLOG team,

    thank you for the up-to-date comprehensive WSN blog. Our WISLAB team dealing mainly with the wireless sensor networking have finally launched the new website, where our contribution to the WSN world is published. The visitors can find our WSN platforms, download some software related to WSN, download some recent publications, go through our research projects and many more.

    The url of our website is:

    We will be happy if you will explore our website and disseminate its existence at your WSNBLOG. We would like to receive some feedbacks regarding the content of our web.

    Thank you very much and I look forward for your or readers comments.

    Kind regards,
    Milan Simek, Czech Republic
    co-founder of WISLAB team.

  3. hello i like this blog very much is is very useful to me for my research
    thank you very much for all WSN research community

  4. hello i like this blog very much it is very useful to me for my research
    thank you very much for all WSN research community

  5. I am waiting for a summerschool psot for 2013 please….

  6. jessgame said:

    Now,i am learning SIDnet-SWANs,can anyone give me some help?Thank you.

  7. Hello blogger !

    I want to build a WSN using XB24-B series2 XBees and arduino. I want to send sensor data from multiple nodes to coordinator. Each end device consists of a arduino connected to a sensor and a XBee module configured as ZNET2.5 ROUTER/END DEVICE API (API=2)and the coordinator side consits of a XBee configured as ZNET2.5 COORDINATOR API (API=2).
    I have used XBee Arduino library by Andrew Rapp but I am unable to get anything in the Serial console in the receiver side. Can you hlp me.

  8. Albert Angles said:

    Dear All,

    My name is Albert and I will finnish my PhD Thesis next July. I have worked with WSN technology at worldsensing S.L. and I am expert at the pysical layer (propagation for instance).

    I am looking for other research opportunities in this field.

    Please contact me for possible possitions.

    Thank you very much

    Kind Regards

    Albert Angles

  9. can the waspmote accelerometer measure in ‘mg’ e.g 0.01g, 0.02g?

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