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New 3G Sensors stream photo and video to the Cloud for new Security and Military applications

video_camera_wasp2-400pxThe new Video Camera Sensor board in conjunction with the 3G module for Waspmote allows to take photos and record videos and send them to the Cloud by using high speed 3G, WCDMA and HSPA cellular networks in the same way as Smartphones do. This makes possible sensor nodes send not only discrete sensor information such as temperature or humidity (which can be encoded using just a single number) but also complex streams of information such as photos and videos. This new feature allows developers the creation of new Security, Surveillance and Military applications.

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Meshlium Xtreme gives 3G connectivity to ZigBee, Wifi and Bluetooth Sensors

Meshlium Xtreme is the new multiprotocol router for wireless sensor networks designed to connect ZigBee, Wifi and Bluetooth sensors to the Internet through 3G connectivity. The new line launched today allows to send the information gathered by hundreds of sensor nodes at the same time, as it counts with an unprecedented “upload to the Cloud” bandwidth of 5.5 Mb/s -more than 10 times faster than compared with traditional GPRS gateways-. Read more.

New 3G + GPS shield for Arduino

The new 3G shield for Arduino enables the connectivity to high speed WCDMA and HSPA cellular networks in order to make possible the creation of the next level of worldwide interactivity projects inside the new Internet of Things era. The module counts also with an internal GPS what enables the location of the device outdoors and indoors combining standard NMEA frames with mobile cell ID triangulation using both assisted-mobile (A-GPS) and mobile-based (S-GPS) modes. Other interesting accessories which can be connected to the module are a video camera which enables the record of video in high resolution (640×480), an audio kit including microphone, speaker, hands free and headphones sets and a SD socket to save directly all the data coming from the 3G network or recorded from the video camera.

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