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Measuring the inertial forces in two of the most savage roller coasters with wireless sensors

Libelium has tested his sensor platform Waspmote in two of the most savage roller coasters of the world in the Port Aventura theme park (Spain). Waspmote integrates a powerful and accurate accelerometer to measure inertial forces up to +-8g on 3 axis (X, Y, Z) with output data rates up to 1kHz. The tests include 8 complete inversions at a max speed of 135km/h. Data is recorded in the internal SD card and sent via Wifi to a SmartPhone using an Adhoc connection. Read more.

Video – Waspmote Accelerometer

Libelium has published a new video showing the capabilities of the accelerometer integrated in Waspmote, specially suitable for applications regarding mobile and vehicular wireless sensor networks. This accelerometer can make up to 2560 measurements per second from -6g to +6g on the three axis (x,y,z). Values read are sent in real time to the gateway using the 802.15.4/ZigBee radio. See more videos here.