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CFP: Software and Information Processing in Body Sensor Networks 2009

Body Sensor Networks (BSNs) have already shown potential to enable a broad variety of applications in the assisted living and health care domains, e.g. for rehabilitation, sports medicine, elderly care, gait analysis, fitness. BSNs allow to measure human body parameters through wearable sensors and often include signal processing techniques to interpret and fuse the sensor data in real-time. The design of BSN applications is challenging also due to the limited resources for computation, communication and storage that are allowed by the tight size and battery life requirements on the nodes. While in recent years there have been significant efforts to build sensors and hardware platforms, more research is needed to address the open challenges in the design of software components that implement efficiently signal processing algorithms across BSN nodes. In particular application developers need design frameworks and methodologies based on proper abstractions supporting interoperability and fast evaluation of implementation tradeoffs. This workshop solicits high quality technical contributions that address issues related to the design of the software architecture and the distributed implementation of signal processing techniques for sensor data interpretation and fusion.

The workshop aims to bridge the signal processing and the embedded software community to address issues related to efficient implementation of information processing in BSN.

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