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New Book: Intelligence for Embedded Systems, a Methodological Approach

The book, written by Prof. Cesare Alippi and published by Spinger is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary treatment of intelligent systems, teaching the reader everything from metrology to cognition. It shows students and engineers how to understand basic mechanisms and design advanced applications, feeding a digital world eager for intelligent mechanisms. It also introduces researchers to ideas characterizing the transition from one generation of intelligent devices to the next.

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Four new Open Access books

Four new Open Access books of interest to those working with WSNs and mobile networks have just been published by InTech:

This book discusses challenges arising in the design of wireless mesh networks and posits possible solutions. Part I covers fundamental technical issues in wireless mesh networks, including transmission power management and protocol design. Part II covers administrative technical issues in wireless mesh networks, including the throughput capacity estimation for the scalable wireless mesh network, performance analysis and security issues.

Professor Xin Wang of the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA is editor of this volume consisting of four parts. Part 1 discusses the quality of service and video communication in MANET. Part 2 introduces some novel approaches in cross-layer protocol design. Part 3 focuses on the routing protocols. Some interesting topics including security, power consumption, and capacity are discussed in Part 4.

This volume, also edited by Professor Xin Wang, covers the most advanced research and development in MANET and explores emerging fields. Part 1 discusses emerging vehicular ad-hoc networks. Part 2 focuses on security and caching protocols. Part 3 introduces some new applications for MANET. Part 4 presents novel approaches in transport-layer protocol design. Some interesting engineering topics including network capacity and power control are discussed in Part 5.

WSNs are deployed in a rapidly increasing number of arenas, with uses ranging from healthcare monitoring to industrial and environmental safety, as well as new ubiquitous computing devices. This book presents a range of developments including some novel applications, such as in high altitude systems, ground heat exchangers and body sensor networks. The book is edited by Anna Förster of the Networking Laboratory at SUPSI and Alexander Förster of IDSIA, Switzerland.